Resin finished bowls

The resin that I use gives a highly polished look and are are considered by most who see them to be fine art.


Q. Will a wood bowl crack if you drop it?

A. The bigger and heavier the bowl the more chance it will crack if droped.

    I can usually repair a cracked bowl with the crack being invisable after the          repair. I have repaired many bowls, my own and made by others.


Q. How do I clean a resin (high gloss) finished bowl.

A. Windex works best if using for display, if being used as a salad bowl or fruit bowl soap and water works good.


Q. Is the resin finish water proof. and food safe

A. yes and yes


Q. Can salad dressing or fruit juice hurt the resin finish.

A. No I have done my own testing with Lemon juce, Lime juice and red wine vineger for 4 hours at a time and there is no affect.


Q. Can the resin finish be scrathed.

A. Yes, dont use metal forks and you will be fine.



Oil finished bowls.

Watco Danish oil (Tung oil) does harden and creates a food safe barrier.

If using your oil finished bowl as a salad bowl or fruit bowl I recomend using a

Lemon oil bees wax mixture available follow the directions on the container.


Q. How do I clean an oil finished bowl.

A. A damp cloth works fine if using for display or soap and water works fine also.


Q. Can Tung oil scrath.

A. Yes, but it is not easy to do. Tung oil is a very hard finish and provides an unfinished look. If you do scratch it rub it down with 000 or 0000 steel wool then apply more Tung oil (Watco Danish oil)


Q. Is Tung oil water proof.

A. No, it is water resistant. If you make a salad in your bowl wash that night and dry it. I finish all my dedicated salad bowls with tung oil.

I also do recomend using a product called Lemon oil Beeswax available at



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